Books that Changed Me

I am an avid reader. I love books. LOVE them! There are some of them that have changed me dramatically. Here are a list of those books and a little bit about why I love them so much....

1. Crazy Love by Francis Chan
This is a gut wrenching, twist you up and convict you kind of book. It takes you into your beliefs and Christian walk in a way that is just... amazing. I learned so much about myself while reading this book. But make sure you are pretty solid in your faith. It isn't a new christian sort of book. It is more for those of us who have been a christian for a long time and need a boost.

2. Forgotten God by Francis Chan
This is a book entirely about the Holy Spirit. It is a great book on understanding how you are a vessel of God and how the Holy Spirit speaks to you. I really enjoyed this book, although you have to really pay attention to what you are reading or you will be so lost in a blink!

3. Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo
Sometimes I read things that make me stop and realize that what I hear in my head really is GOD speaking to me. Its funny I see and hear things all of the time, but I am forever doubting if it is God or just my imagination. This book confirmed so many things for me about heaven, God, and Jesus. Its a great read. LOVED it!

4. Matters of the Heart by Juanita Bynum
This woman is a straight shooter. She will tell you like it is, rip you up and let God build you up. Its a book that will alter your thoughts and make you a stronger woman of God.

5. Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers
LOVE this book.  I am in the process of reading it and if you struggle with worry, anxiety, depression, anger, or anything in your head really this is the book you need to read. It is such a great tool against the enemy that I find him trying to destract me from it all the time. It is really powerful!